Q1. Who are Global Garden Solutions Ltd. and why are Suncast products delivered by GGS?

A. Global Garden Solutions Ltd. (GGS) are a stockist and distributor in the UK for the USA company Suncast.

Q2. How can I be sure the building will fit where I want it to be placed?
A. Each product page has all the measurements you require, to ensure your garden products will fit in the area you require under the specifications tab. It is essential that both the base and roof dimensions are taken into account when considering your purchase as one is often larger than the other.

Q3. What help is available for installing my shed?
A. The expertise within Suncast UK means that you have direct access to first hand technical knowledge from a highly qualified team in our customer service department. Each manual is designed to be as user friendly as possible with technical drawings for each stage of the construction.

Q4. Do I require planning permission for my building?
A. Most of our buildings do not require any planning permission as they are removable buildings. However, if you are unsure due to the size or location, you can simply contact your local planning department for further details.

Q5. How long have you been selling garden sheds?
A. We have trained staff with over 30 years’ experience within the garden buildings industry. Suncast products have been manufactured in the USA for over 25 years with Suncast UK established in 2009, offering a comprehensive range of plastic garden sheds and storage products.

Q6. Does the shed come with a floor?
A. All our Sheds and storage products come with an integral floor. However it is important to remember that all sheds require a firm foundation. Please enquire for base preparation details before purchase, our staff are more than happy to answer your enquiry.

Q7. Do you have a showroom?
A. There are show sites available within the UK, please enquire for further details.

Q8. If I am not near your show sites, how do I view your products?
A. You can see our products on our website or request an information pack with full details on any of our products.

Q9. Do you manufacture your products?
A. All products are manufactured in the USA using state of the art Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding technologies.

Q10. Do you provide a manufacturer’s warranty with your products?
A. All of our garden products are manufactured from the best materials available. The length of the warranty period differs between products, from 5 years to 10 years.

Q11. How difficult are Suncast products to assemble? And do you assemble the products?
A. Most of our boxes require very little DIY knowledge and can be assembled very simply. Larger items require a degree of DIY skill with an adequate toolbox. Customers can assemble the shed themselves or we are happy to assist via telephone or may be able to offer installation for some customers.

Q12. What does the warranty cover?
A. Each product comes complete with its own warranty, which is product specific and stated on every item. If you cannot see the products warranty on the site, please enquire for further details as full product warranty conditions/information is always available.

Q13. Have you thoroughly tested the products on your website before offering them for sale?
A. Each Garden shed offered through our website has been tested to destruction levels by our trusted manufacturers. These tests involve extreme weather, for example, a snow-load roof test or a wind strength test to make sure each model is more than suitable for the changes in the UK’s weather.

Q14. Where will the delivery driver put my goods?
A. We offer a curbside delivery service, however all our drivers try to place your items in a safe, dry secure space wherever possible for your convenience.

Q15. How strong are Suncast products?
A. Each Suncast product is designed using state of the art plastic Blow Moulding or Injection Moulding technology ensuring the best available quality within the market. Suncast test all products to destruction and use the highest grade of materials available.

Q16. How do you maintain the ‘new look’ on a plastic shed?
A. All Suncast products are low maintenance, only requiring a simple wipe with a damp cloth, to keep a long lasting new look.

Q17. Is it safe to wire electrics such as lights and plug sockets into a Suncast shed?
A. Yes it is safe to do so under the floor and up the inside of the wall or through the vent and along the steel roof supports. However we would advise that no holes should be made during this process as it would void the warranty. Installing electrics should only be carried out by a trained professional and it is easier to run the cables at the time of installation for ease, but can be done later with slightly more difficulty.